iOS Night Shift

Back in 2014, I posted about the effects of blue light on sleep and recommended F.lux freeware, which adjusts your computer monitor settings to gradually reduce the amount of blue light emitted as night falls.  F.lux also created an iOS app, which was tremendously popular, but was blocked by Apple, a source of frustration for many iPhone and iPad users.  I updated my phone to iOS 9.3 today and noticed a new feature called Night Shift, which is basically the same thing as F.lux.  F.lux’s response to Apple’s announcement of this new feature is rather gracious in light of the fact that Apple not only blocked their app, but also neglected to solicit their support in developing Night Shift.  I just sent F.lux another donation. As Steve Jobs once said, “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower”.

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