Our Services

We provide optical design and analysis services on an hourly basis for your R&D projects.  You’re hiring a very experienced optical designer to work on your projects, on-demand, and we bear the overhead costs.

Optical Design and Analysis

We have the experience to know what design form is appropriate for your project. We use software tools to refine the design and evaluate performance.  Zemax OpticStudio 16 Professional raytracing software, Matlab R2017, and Mathcad Prime are our primary in-house tools.

Our primary capability is lens design.  This includes laser beam propagation, stray light analysis, working with and generating CAD models, programming with ZPL macro language, colorimetry, polarization analysis, hologram modeling, GRIN media modeling, diffraction grating and diffractive lens design, thin film coating modeling, modeling of complex sources and detectors, thermal analysis, and fiber coupling analysis.

Our recent designs have included diffractive optic cameras, plenoptic cameras, virtual reality HMDs, augmented reality glasses, astronomical spectrometers, 3D printer optics, laser diode beamshaping optics, digital microscopes, smartphone and DSLR optical accessories, LED illumination optics, fluorescent lamp reflectors, IR concentrators, and fluorescence systems.

Projects are generally handled directly by the owner, Donna Waters.

Optical Prototyping and Testing

We have basic prototyping and testing capabilities in-house, as well as access to larger optical test facilities and research laboratories in the Boulder-Denver area.  In house, we can breadboard complex optical systems as well as simple electronic systems  We can measure optical resolution, FOV, spectral characteristics of optics, focal length, fringes of deviation from flatness, lens density, and lens radii.  We have alignment tools, such as a shearing interferometer for optimizing collimation.  We also have a digital microscope and a thermal imaging camera.


Spectrometer Graphic 2


LED Collimator Composite

LED Collimator

DO Toroid Wavy Yellow

Diffractive Optic for Arbitrary Image Surface

Plenoptic 3D

Plenoptic Camera


Solar Reflections from Concave Low-E Windows (based on the Vdara Hotel in Las Vegas, but with a standard low-E coating)


Beam Combiner

Fisheye Lens

UV Diffraction-Limited 180-Deg Lens