Illumination Optical Design

I’ve designed the optics for many illumination systems, including:

  • LCoS/OLED/DLP display illumination
  • Portable UVC systems for eradicating airborne SARS-CoV2 virus
  • UV lamp illuminators to remove pathogens from blood
  • Laser beam expanders
  • High-power handheld laser illumination
  • LED combiners and collimators
  • Fiber source collimators and shapers
  • TIR light guides
  • Microscopy illumination
  • Machine vision illumination
  • SWIR reflectance system illumination
  • Optical 3D printer
  • NIR and VIS ophthalmoscope illumination

LED Array Collimator

I designed this example LED collimator for an Osram SoleriQ P9 LED array. It’s solid plastic with a cylindrical recess where the LED is inserted. The rays are either focused by a small lens at the end of the recess or totally internally reflected by the outer boundary.

LED collimator

Lenslet Array Beam Combiner

I designed this hexagonal lenslet array and lens to combine an array of sources.

Laser beam combiner