Proof of Concept

Optical Engineering


Concept Review and Optical Specification Development

Do you have an idea for a new optical product and need a proof of concept? I can work with you to refine your idea, create a specification, and identify the most suitable optical design form, so we can start designing.

Optical Design

Using high speed raytracing, I will create a design optimized for your application. I have over 2,000 reference designs in my library to use as starting points. My primary tool is Zemax OpticStudio.

Optical Prototyping and Testing Lab

My in-house measurement capabilities include: power, irradiance, polarization characteristics, optical resolution, distortion, FOV, spectral characteristics, focal length, fringes of deviation from flatness, beam collimation, lens density, and lens radii. 

Project Management

I work day-to-day with lens fabrication shops and mechanical designers. My work isn’t done until the optics are mounted and optical performance has been verified. It’s a team effort that I’m happy to coordinate, having been certified in project management, but that’s completely up to you. The important thing is to keep communication lines open between the designers and vendors throughout the process.

Troubleshooting and Straylight Analysis

Much of my work involves identifying and resolving issues with designs developed by others. I’ve been an optical engineer for 24 years, several of those years as a stray light analyst. Prior to that, I worked in failure analysis and R&D, so investigative work comes naturally to me.

Image Processing and Computer Vision

Want help detecting, tracking, and characterizing objects in your image datasets or video? I can perform and automate these tasks.