Medical Device Optics

My projects in medical applications have included:

  • Ophthalmoscopes and diagnostic lenses for the eye
  • Modeling the eye for orthokeratological and other ocular products
  • Dermatological microscopes
  • Surgical microscopes
  • Medical research microscopes
  • Portable UVC systems for eradicating airborne SARS-CoV2 virus
  • UV lamp illuminators to remove pathogens from blood
  • Eye safety (e.g., lasers and blue light hazard)

Navarro Eye Accommodation Model

I created this model using formulas from Navarro’s 1985 paper, “Accommodation-dependent model of the human eye with aspherics”. The crystalline lens radii, conic constants, thickness, and index, as well as the aqueous chamber thickness adjust as the object moves closer to keep the image in focus at the retina.