As an optical consultant, Donna rapidly helped us develop a tricky optical design prototype.  Interactions with her were professional and pleasant.  Her services were respectful of the required effort within the budget scope.

Richard L. Lachance RLL Consulting & Bluefield Technologies

It was a great pleasure working with Donna on our optical project. Her responsiveness and attention to detail are beyond compare. She is also a good trainer and walked us patiently through the results where we had a bit of a knowledge. Without reservation I would recommend Donna for another optical project.

Vladimir Baranov SCOUT Inc

Neva Healthcare’s design team would like to thank Donna for her vast experience in the design control environment of medical devices. Donna clearly understood the demands of the regulatory process as it related to NRE-UVC designs. Donna’s use of the Zemax software was seamless and her design notes, inputs and reports supported the Neva Design History Files, inputs for design control that help ensure a safe and effective product. In addition, she met a demanding schedule and brought the initial NRE on budget.

Thank you again, look forward to our next steps.

John Stephens, CEO Neva Healthcare

Our company is developing a medical device for which a complex optical prescription is required. I was made aware of POC, Donna Waters by Zemax Inc., a highly regarded Optical Design Software company. I met with Donna soon thereafter and after several hours of discussion, felt that Donna was the right optical engineer to undertake the challenging design of the optical elements for our retinal camera.

The various complicating factors which include meeting ISO standards and a myriad of eye models in the literature, none of which agree with one another were met with Donna’s high-level optical engineering expertise and positive attitude which, as the company’s engineering director, I appreciated very much.

During the design effort by Donna, there were various “moving target” specifications that complicated the design even further. Donna handled these as well and anyone who has had to deal with this, knows the difficulties involved.

Donna is an expert in applying Zemax software modeling to create the real-world optics that became the optical prescription. These included aspheric elements, numerous optical glass configurations as well as spherical and plano surfaces and image modeling to simulate the final design with a real image at the surface of a CMOS sensor. Donna used Monte Carlo tolerance modeling with MTF plots, image simulation and other Zemax modeling modalities to predict the properties of the image, not the least of which are high resolution required over a wide field of view.

I found Donna highly capable as an “out of the box” thinker as there were no prior designs to reference, the device being proprietary intellectual property.

When contracting engineering design services, there are many factors to weigh and I found that Donna excelled at the most sought after. Donna exudes a quiet confidence and is a brilliant optical engineer who is very easy to work with. Many folks who perform within the sphere of engineering consulting lead with their ego which can often create unnecessary drama, interfering with completing the task at hand. I’m happy to report that Donna worked with her competence doing the talking. I appreciate that.

Bill Collins, Director of Engineering Ocutronics LLC

Donna Waters worked in a consulting role to design an optical system of interest to us at the time. She brought structure and creativity to the project and delivered excellent reports on the designs she created, outlining the updates between iterations in a professional manner. I’d recommend Donna for this type of design and brainstorming efforts.

Friso Schlottau Akonia Holographics

Very knowledgeable and friendly to work with.  Developed the optics for a VR headset we developed by 2014. Would gladly work with her again.

Jeno Manickam Durairaj Highbrow Interactive

Donna is wonderful, I was a new Zemax user and wasn’t going to consider investing the large amount of money to make new custom two photon detectors without talking to a pro. Donna was patient, kind, understood my unique, high-specialized requirements and now those detectors are being used by biologists every day. She is very skilled at optics and understands complex optical needs, how to work with a wide variety of optical components, interactions, needs and demands in a challenging context, and very easy to work with.

Evangelos Gatzogiannis Princeton University

Donna has done a terrific job reviewing augmented reality technology for our portfolio company Lucyd. We appreciate her sagacious analysis, hands-on approach and timely and thorough reports.

Clifford Gross Lucyd

Donna did a great job of analyzing LIDAR receiver concepts.  She was quick to identify issues in concepts that we presented and was able to provide valuable suggestions and recommendations for enhancing our system design. She communicated well and was able to provide her analysis in an understandable way.

Bradley DeRoos 4D Tech Solutions, Inc.

Donna’s wide experience in physical optics and extensive analytical capabilities allows her to bring a sophisticated perspective to her design and analysis efforts. I worked with Donna on several occasions over the years and was always impressed with her insight and attention to detail

Rex Craig Ball Aerospace

I would recommend Donna Waters for an optical design project. Her knowledge and understanding of optics and materials was excellent and allowed her to execute on designs and solutions in very short order. The results were well thought out. Although my overlap with Donna was brief, I was very impressed with her capabilities.

Kirk Cook Magic Leap

Very professional and knowledgeable.  Responded quickly to my questions and concerns, and helped me find an appropriate lens on a short deadline.

Travis Hairfield

PC Optical Engineering is very professional and knowledgeable in her field. I would happily work with her again.

Matt Kane Matt Kane Productions, LLC