30-minute Consultation: Free of charge, for the purpose of determining how we can help you with your project.

2-hr Consultation (new clients): $200  We discuss your technical problem in greater detail (pre-NDA) and I suggest possible top-level solutions.

Ongoing Rate: $150/hr  Design, analysis, and management of optical and mechanical fabrication (technical reports, toleranced ISO drawings, hardware)

Payment Methods: We accept all forms of payment and our invoicing service offers 6-mo interest-free financing.  In general, work begins once payment has been received for each invoice. However, we can accommodate other terms for large U.S. customers paying by ACH.

Non-disclosure: The minimum invoice for which we consider signing an NDA is 20 hours.  We take great care to protect your ideas and the designs we create for you.  We do not disclose your proprietary info to 3rd parties without your permission, nor do we re-use or share proprietary designs.  All of our computers and devices are password-protected.  We use encrypted hard drive backups, which are rotated to a safe deposit box, as well as end-to-end encrypted, private key cloud backups.  Our correspondence is over SSL, using a secure LAN, and we use a P3-level shredder to dispose of any sensitive documents.

Performance: All work is performed as an R&D best-effort