30-min Consultation: Free of charge.  For the purpose of determining how I can help with your project.

Consultant Rate: $175/hr 

Contractor Rate: $200/hr (e.g., jobs that require using a client-supplied computer, email account, timekeeping system, or badge, as well as jobs that require travel or have regularly scheduled work hours or meetings).

Payment Methods: I accept all forms of payment and my invoicing service offers 6-mo interest-free financing.  In general, work begins once payment has been received for each invoice. However, I can accommodate other terms for large U.S. customers paying by ACH.

IP Protection and Non-disclosure:  I take great care to protect your ideas and the designs I create for you.  I do not disclose your proprietary info to 3rd parties without your permission, nor do I re-use or share proprietary designs.  All of my computers and devices are password-protected.  I use encrypted hard drive backups, which are rotated to a safe deposit box, as well as end-to-end encrypted, private key cloud backups.  My correspondence is over SSL, using a secure LAN, and I use a P3-level shredder to dispose of any sensitive documents.  I sign NDAs with careful consideration only once I’ve been selected as the consultant on a project and the work is about to begin.  If a contract is unusually lengthy or restrictive, I may need to charge my hourly rate for review and negotiation.