Optical Engineering Services

Optical Design and Analysis

I have the experience to know which design form is appropriate for your project. I use software tools to refine my designs and evaluate performance. Zemax OpticStudio, Matlab with the Image Processing Toolbox, and Mathcad Prime are my primary in-house tools.  My library includes over 2,000 designs that can be used as starting points.

My lens design service includes toleranced ISO 10110 lens drawings, precise CAD models of the lenses with tolerance tables for the mount design, stray light analysis, image processing/computer vision, and technical presentations.  I’ll connect you with lens fabricators and mount designers that I know do good work.  I follow through to ensure that the fabrication goes smoothly from prototype to production.  I can completely manage the prototype fabrication and testing if desired.

Optical Prototyping and Testing

I have basic prototyping and testing capabilities in-house, as well as access to larger optical test facilities and research laboratories in the Boulder-Denver area.  In my lab, I can breadboard complex optical systems and simple electronic systems.   My measurement capabilities include: flux/irradiance, polarization/extinction ratio, optical resolution, FOV, spectral characteristics, focal length, fringes of deviation from flatness, beam collimation, lens density, and lens radii.  I can also produce high magnification images.

laser beam expander