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Image Stabilization by Design

Ever wondered how shake correction can be achieved in a lens design?

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Augmented Reality World Expo (AWE) 2018

It was great to finally experience the Augmented Reality World Expo last week in Santa Clara, CA.  The event is growing rapidly, with attendance up 30% over last year.  For anyone interested in trying the newest AR and VR hardware before it

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Japan’s Eshima Ohashi Bridge

Concerned? Not to worry, Japanese engineers know what they’re doing.

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The Mystery of the Glass Doorknob

An ominous photo has been posted a few times on Reddit, showing fire damage attributed to a glass doorknob illuminated by sunlight. Any thoughts after seeing the linked photo?  Could you convince a jury of the doorknob’s guilt or innocence? At first

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Focused Reflections from Architectural Windows or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Death Rays

If you haven’t already heard of the notorious “death rays” created by solar reflections off the concave faces of the Vdara Hotel and 20 Fenchurch Street, I’d recommend reading the entertaining article, “A Brief History of Buildings that Melt Things”.  Easy to laugh when it’s not your

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Diffractive Lens vs. Google Cardboard’s Asphere

As I mentioned in my last post, Google Cardboard is the interim hardware for developing Daydream apps.  The lenses look very similar to those used in the Oculus Rift development kits, although a bit faster and smaller in diameter.  The field of

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Google Daydream is a Virtual Reality

At Google I/O on Wednesday, Clay Bavor announced Daydream, which is Google’s new platform for high-quality mobile VR.  It will be released this fall in conjunction with VR-optimized Android N.  The hardware will consist of a headset and controller that can be used with any

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